Industrial Sewing Machines

  • JUKI DDL-7000A
    Direct-drive, 1-needle, Locstitch Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer
  • JUKI DDL-8000A
    Direct-drive, Highspeed, 1-needle, Lockstitch Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer
  • JUKI DDL-9000C
    Direct-drive, Highspeed, lockstitch sewing system with automatic thread trimmer
  • JUKI LH-3528A
    Semi-dry head, 2-needle Lockstitch Machine
  • JUKI MO-6814S
    Highspeed, Overlock / Safety Stitch Machine
  • JUKI LZ-2280A
    Highspeed, 1-needle, Lockstitch, Zigzag Stitching Machine
  • JUKI MF-7523
    Flat-bed, Top and Bottom Coverstitch Machine
  • JUKI MB-1373
    Single-thread, Chainstitch, Button Sewing Machine
  • JUKI LK-1903
    Computer-controlled, Highspeed, Lockstitch, Button Machine
  • JUKI LBH-781
    1-needle, Lockstitch Buttonholing Machine
  • JUKI LBH-1790S
    Computer-controlled, Highspeed, Buttonholing Machine
  • JUKI LK-1900
    Computer-controlled, Highspeed, Bartacking Machine
  • JUKI LK-1900BN
    Computer-controlled, Highspeed, Bartacking Sewing System
  • JUKI DU-1181N
    1-needle, Top and Bottom-feed, Lockstitch Machine with Double-capacity Hook
  • JUKI DSC-246
    Cylinder-bed, 1-needle, Unison-feed, Lockstitch Machine
  • JUKI PLH-981
    Post-bed, Lockstitch Machine