• 100% Original
    We guarantee the quality of our products and to prove that, we provide after-sales services and repairs.
    Our corporate goal is to supply genuine products and to create value for our customers.
  • Flexible
    Capable of providing the best needs out of your budget.
    Welcoming all customers from household to garments sewing industry. We are eager to present our wide selections to further enhance your business.
  • Experienced
    Offering the most cost-efficient, smart and productive solutions for decades.
    We employ some of the best consultants, mechanics and technicians in the industry. Our experienced professionals are trained to provide the best solutions for your sewing needs.

Industrial Sewing Machines

Efficiency has always been the key to success in the Garments Industry. We deliver the most cutting-edge sewing technology under well reputable brands that will reduce operating costs with increasing total output.

Embroidery Machines

Janome Embroidery Machines are known to be the best in the market due to its ease-of-use and advanced technologies. Designs are easily imported via USB and can be edited through the machine's on-screen panel. These machines are ideal for household embroidery use, designers and for everyone in the sewing industry.

Household Sewing Machines

Our newest product line – These machines are targeted to all sewing enthusiasts. We ensure that owners will have a simple, fun and creative sewing experience while also being capable of delivering high quality projects.

Slightly Used Sewing Machines

All slightly used machines have gone through a series of quality and performance tests by our engineers. They are all guaranteed to be genuine as we take pleasure to provide an enhanced user experience to all clients.

Our Brands:

Our Brands


Looking for original parts or attachments? Unix Industrial Corporation carries all types of parts and attachments for all sewing machines. This will allow you to operate your machines as desired once more.
We provide shipping/delivery anywhere in the Philippines. Delivery dates may vary depending on the goods ordered.
This is one of our core competencies. We employ some of the best technicians and mechanics in the industry. Repairs are only accepted on products purchased from Unix Industrial Corporation.
We provide warranty on all sewing machines sold. The warranty terms and duration varies by product.
Slightly used machines are guaranteed to be in great running condition. These machines are packaged with a brand new table, motor and stands. Buyers will have the option to purchase the machine itself.


- James Cheung, Director of Purchasing
The act of selling does not end when the transaction is made - what makes it is building trust and rapport during and after the sale. Very impresssed in their service and we are glad to pick this company.
- Wesley McCarthy, Head of Sewing Operations
Efficiency,productivity increase, you name it!
- Jessica Flores, Production Manager
Always thought outside the box for the greater good, they thought of options that benefited us in the long run.
- Bobby Mercado, Vice President of Procurement and Production
Very welcoming, no matter how high or how low of a budget we have. They constantly provide the best products/value out of our spending budget!
- Gracie Morales, Owner
Just spoke to one of your associates, wanted to say thank you for the quick response as well as the clear answers in a friendly manner!
- Albert Castillo, Sewing Lead
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